On Wednesday 26 March we had an incredible evening at the Dolci Firme AW launch, which was filled with the most incredible Italian Shoes, french champagne and the most divine cheese plater not to mention beautiful women everywhere who were all linked by one common thread, a great passion for shoes! The designer Bianca Buccheri […]

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Our Latest Shoot for 3AW

Last Wednesday we were extremely excited to be asked to style a photo shoot for 3AW sports commentators, which consisted of footballing and journalistic elite. There were 18 people to dress in total, this was our biggest shoot to date! Some familiar faces you may recognize are Luke Ball, Nathan Brown, Matthew Lloyd, Leigh Matthews, Tony […]

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A day with Rolex at the Grand Prix

I woke up on Saturday March 14th so excited it was my very first Grand Prix. The first thing I did was check my phone to see the weather and the good news was it wasn’t going to be raining, the not so great news it was 30 degrees! You cant win in Melbourne Freezing […]

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