Behind the scenes in the change rooms

Behind the Scenes


Godwin Charli

TM Lewin

Luke Ball & Nathan Brown in Godwin Charli

Sam McClure in Calibre

Tiffany Cherry in Godwin Charli

Behind the Scenes

Last Wednesday we were extremely excited to be asked to style a photo shoot for 3AW sports commentators, which consisted of footballing and journalistic elite. There were 18 people to dress in total, this was our biggest shoot to date! Some familiar faces you may recognize are Luke Ball, Nathan Brown, Matthew Lloyd, Leigh Matthews, Tony Shaw, Caroline Wilson, Tiffany Cherry, Mark Thompson and Cameron Ling just to name a few! What an absolute pleasure they all were to work with, was incredible to watch the transformation! Next thing was what clothing were we going to use? We headed to our favourite menswear stores which included, Calibre, Godwin Charli, TM Lewin, Eduardo Xavier, Witchery and Oxford who all supplied clothing for the shoot! Not to mention there were two diamonds amongst the rough namely, Tiffany Cherry who wore Godwin Charli and Caroline Wilson wearing Witchery. The clothing was beautiful and to my surprise the boys were fighting over the pocket squares! Was lovely to see the men into their fashion! The venue naturally had to have a sporting feel to it, so Etihad Stadium was where we shot. Stay tuned cant wait to show you all the final product!

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