Being stylists, we have clients who come to us with the aim of improving their overall style and look. We create makeovers for our clients to feel fabulous and improved. Of late there has been much discussion of cosmetic procedures and almost all of our clients asking for our opinions and thoughts and how they can once again make further improvements to themselves.

We thought we would write a blog outlining the top procedures that women and men are having done and we thought we would seek some advice from Dr. Prateek at Liberty Belle in Toorak, who are the leading experts in the cosmetics field.

Problem area: Wrinkles, crow’s feet and forehead lines

Treatment: Botox

Liberty Belle use Botox and Dysport which are simple, quick and minimally invasive non surgical treatments that deliver dramatic results. It is intended to enhance and refresh your looks by relaxing facial muscles that cause dynamic lines when you smile or frown.

How is it administered?

It is administered in just a few tiny injections with the needle being super fine, they are placed in the desired area and the treatment takes approximately ten minutes.


There is absolutely no down time, no swelling or any side effects that are usually present with the administration of Botox. With no down time this treatment is ideal to have in a lunch break and no one would know any better!


The results are can be seen within 10-14 days and can last up to 4 months however gradually decrease over time. If you keep having regular treatments the effects may last longer.

Dermal Fillers

Whats it used for?

Liberty Belle use Restylane and Juvederm as their main product which add volume and enhance the lips, smooth wrinkles around the eyes and fill the much deeper furrows around the mouth – eg. Nose-lipo) nasio-labial furrows.
They are made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in our body located in the dermis of the skin. Its aim is to keep the skin toned, firm and hydrated.
As you age the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin decreases, resulting in drier skin and increase wrinkles.

How is it administered?
Tiny injections in the desired area.

For the first day or so you will likely have some slight swelling and a small match head bruise and your skin may appear slightly pinker. Each result varies from individual to individual.


Depending on which product is used fillers can last for 4-9 months or longer. It is important to note they are not permanent and can be dissolved should you wish.


One of the most common asked questions is the pain that is associated with these treatments. Whilst every individual has different thresholds, if you have your treatment done at Liberty Belle they offer the option of having a dental block which will numb the affected area which apparently, you can feel hardly anything! Sounds amazing to us!

We have been going to Liberty Belle for facial treatments for a long time now and in love with the professionalism and service we receive when we go there. The staff are all so attentive, caring and accommodating, not to mention all the ladies look like Victoria’s secret models!

If you have any further questions re non-surgical cosmetic improvements feel free to call Liberty Belle on 9826 9988 to make a direct appointment, or for those interested in surgical procedures we recommend Dr. Chris Moss who is internationally acclaimed as one of the worlds leading Breast and nose surgeons.

Liberty Belle has just been voted in the top 8 Cosmetic Clinics in Australia according to Vogue Magazine.

We also recommend enquiring about the following treatments:

Liberty Belle are located at 506 Toorak Road, Toorak.


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